Dad Needs to Lose Some Weight

My name is Steve and I am the dad of this group.  I’ve had high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the past, but in recent years I had gotten it under control by eating a healthier diet.  We recently returned from vacation, where I didn’t eat so good, and after a visit to the doctor, I’ve learned that my numbers have crept up on me again.  I have nine children that I would like to see grow up, and I’m sure they would like to see me stick around as well.  I’ve tried diets here and there over the years, but never seem to stick with them for more than a month or two.  My job is pretty sedentary, so I don’t get up and move as often as I should.  Over the next few months, I am going to document my progress and provide frequent updates on how I am doing.  I currently weigh 195 and really should be closer to 155, which is a weight I haven’t been since high school.  I am not going to do any type of fad diet.  I am simply going to try to exercise each day, and eat healthy by cutting out the saturated fat and bad carbs to see if I can lose the weight.  In addition to just getting healthy in general, we also have family pictures scheduled in July…and I need to look good for those.  I will be tracking how much I exercise and what I eat, as well as inches lost and the amount of weight I am losing, so please be sure to follow along.  Hopefully by putting this out here for all to see, that will hold me accountable to stay on task.  I am getting to the age where heart attacks happen, so there is no more delaying.  Of course, this will start on Monday…because all diets must start on Monday.

5 thoughts on “Dad Needs to Lose Some Weight

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words, Joan. I really feel like I’m going to lose the weight this time. You don’t see too many large families these days, but we do have a lot of fun. Of course, there is plenty of bickering and the kids don’t always like it, but I think they will realize someday it’s a pretty cool thing. They certainly never lack for someone to play with.

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      1. Exactly — and some day they will each have another as a best friend. There’s nothing like it – and although I did give my parents more than my share of grief when I was younger, I’m eternally grateful and think they were the best parents on earth – I am truly blessed. I am sure your children will feel the same about you when they get a bit older. 🙂 Now be sure to exercise so you are around a long time for them, they’ll appreciate it 🙂

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